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Main Street Dentist Office Repurposed

Overview: A local dentist needed totally new office space as she was purchasing a long-time Chatham practice. Now at the helm, her goal was to reestablish the Main Street practice presence.
Challenge: The office space resides in an historic preservation district that was originally residential and in close proximity to the town’s main business district and is now office services/office professional. As a result, we were limited in how and to what extent we made changes. Plus, our work would require Board of Adjustment approval.
Solution: We retained the foundation and basement space and used early Main Street home catalogues to inspire our new roofline. We added a second floor, keeping the proportions small and similar to the adjacent 1920’s style offices. The second floor made possible amenities for the dentist and her staff: a private office, a staff lounge and an employee restroom. We designed a parking area in the back and included a ramp for accessibility.

Main Street Dentist Office Repurposed Main Street Dentist Office Repurposed
Main Street Dentist Office Repurposed
Janet B. Siegel
Madison, New Jersey
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